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Infrastructure Security


I am sure you have been keeping up with the news, and know that the criminals look like they have the upperhand and are attacking what was a very secure network just a few years ago. Now is the time learn to what extent our computers might have been doing behind our screens, many have been compromised and turned into "Drones" to do the bad guys bidding. We have the knowledge and expertise to cleanup and secure your computers starting outside your network rather then just within. This has become a World Crisis, let us take you through the latest in outside the perimeter security.

Remote Support


We at 1CLICK IT primarily work form our office via remote control where we can work on several computers at a time, and not have two persons jockeying for room in front of the keyboard. With Remote Access it allows yout employes and ours sit comfortable behind our own charis. Remote control also allows the best training platform for the same reasons stated above. 

On-Site Support


There are sometimes where being there is required if your computer or entire network is offline (Down). We come to you and solve your connectivity issues and work on a specific issue you originally contacted us about. Allowing Remote connections going forward.